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We are Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter of Dairy Equipments, Homogenizers, Homogenisers, High Pressure Homogenizers, High Pressure Pumps, Suction Valves, Discharge Valve Seats, Dairy Adaptors, Dairy Adapters, Bearing Caps, Piston Rods, Double Helical Gears, Homogenizing Valves, Dairy Plant Equipments, Dairy Processing Equipments, Dairy Machineries, Dairy Product Machineries and our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India.


Homogenizer is a mechanical treatment of the fat globules in milk brought about by passing milk under high pressure through a tiny orifice

Application :
• All dairy processing

Pressure Range :
• Min: - 0 PSI
• Max: - 2500 PSI

All types of Homogenizer are manufacture in our plant


High Pressure Homogenizer
High pressure homogenizer consist of high pressure piston pump and downstream homogenizing valve.

Application :
• Rich cream
• All milk product
• Chemical
• Grees

Pressure Range :
• Min: - 0 PSI
• Max: - 10,000 PSI

All types of high pressure homogenizer is manufacture in our plant

The High Pressure Pump Unit consists of the following :

  • High Pressure Triplex Reciprocating pump
  • Speed Reduction: Pulley set with belts or gear box or combination of both
  • Prime Mover: Electric Motor / Diesel Engine / Gas Engine
  • Mounting: Base Plate / Trolley / Trailer
  • Standard Accessories: Pressure Gauge, Pressure Regulating Valve, Safety Valve, Strainer

Salient Features :

  • Heavy duty and robust design for continuous duty application
  • Appropriate valve kinematics gives minimum fluctuation
  • Split type power frame for easy maintenance
  • Crank Shaft is extendable from either side of power frame
  • Pump oil cooling and forced lubrication available as optional


Pump Type

Horizontal, Triplex Reciprocating Plunger Pump

Power Drive

Electric Motor / Diesel Engine / Gas Engin


Base Plate / Skid / Trolley

Speed Reduction Through

Foot / Shaft mounted gear box or Belt-pulley arrangement



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